Fully Integrated Accounting Module

A fully integrated accounting module is included in TravelHerd.

Every TravelHerd subscription incorporates a fully integrated accounting module complete with financial reporting capabilities.  The accounting module may only be accessed by those staff members whose TravelHerd log-ins have been set-up with accounting security clearance or higher.  Setting up the chart of accounts, journals, general ledger accounts and credit cards accepted is done quickly and with ease.  The fully integrated accounting module allows your accounting department personnel to post receipts (checks, credit cards, cash and wires), disbursements (checks and wires) and adjusting entries as required, with daily transaction reports, grouped in their own tab, at your fingertips.  TravelHerd allows you to implement multiple currencies for buying and selling prices and deal with currency fluctuations as well.

Fully Integrated Accounting Module

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TravelHerd’s fully integrated accounting module includes an ARC/BSP airline tickets interface with Amadeus.  Using this interface ensures that your airline ticket data is accurately accounted for in TravelHerd, thus freeing your staff to focus on other duties versus airline ticket entry, while still permitting manual airline ticket entry for non-ARC/BSP reporting carriers.  Airline tickets are included in their respective TravelHerd reservations, provided the reservation number has been included in the ticket record prior to the data transmission into TravelHerd or entered manually into the ticket record later on.

The accounting module comes with financial reporting capabilities for many of the most commonly requested accounting reports, grouped by topic, e.g. Vendor, Audit, Airline, Insurance, as well as General Accounting and Daily Accounting.  Many reports feature transaction data export functionality to either print-out or spreadsheet format files.