FIT Booking Engine

TravelHerd has a unique FIT booking engine consisting of a scratchpad to produce quick quotes and the reservations module for highly customized FITs, scheduled tours and other travel options. The scratchpad and the reservations module both utilize XML, vendor web sites and the internal database in TravelHerd in the booking process. Items added to the scratchpad can be generated into a proposal with the inclusion of the booking agent’s information, whether they are a travel agent or a direct consumer. Proposal and reservation itineraries and invoices can be emailed to booking agent/now client.

FIT Booking EngineServices queried via an XML interface can be stored in the TravelHerd database, based to the user’s  authorization level. Stored services for hotel, land and transfers display at the top of the list of available options, thus directing entry level reservation agents to preferred product. Booking from the stored services is faster because queries are made based on a single item as opposed to searching by destination. The default flag is set to display only refundable services with an option to show all services. Queries may also be done based on available services, e.g. star rating, business center, swimming pool, etc. for hotels, with similar options for land and transfers.

TravelHerd takes the net costs from the supplier and adds a mark-up in one of following ways:

  • Single step multiply if the markup is higher than 1 or divide is the the markup is less the 1.
  • Double step multiply if the markup is higher than 1 or divide is the the markup is less the 1.
  • A separate mark-up can be set for travel agents and direct consumers.
  • TravelHerd supports two exchange rates per currency, one for buying and one for selling.

The TravelHerd reservation module uses the same principle as the scratchpad for additions and revisions to an existing reservation.

The single or multiple itinerary deviation feature in the TravelHerd FIT booking engine allows for a passenger or multiple passengers to deviate from the main itinerary for their own specific activities while staying within the overall main itinerary framework, within a single reservation.  Itineraries using this feature show the main itinerary with the deviations, tagged with their specific travelers names, as they occur.