All About TravelHerd Invoices

In this post, let’s learn all about TravelHerd invoices!  TravelHerd invoices are issued in html email format.  TravelHerd subscribing companies have the option to use the standard format html invoice included with their subscription or request that a custom-designed invoice be programmed for their exclusive use.  In either case, all TravelHerd invoices come complete with a great set of extremely useful features.

Invoices in TravelHerd may be issued for proposals (not yet under deposit) and reservations (under deposit) to the booking agent; if the booking agent is a travel agent, TravelHerd will create a travel agent invoice complete with commission detail, while a direct consumer booking agent will have a direct consumer invoice with no commission detail created for them.  There is also an option to create a client invoice with no commission detail for proposals and reservations made by travel agents, which can be sent to the travel agent’s client.

TravelHerd offers a choice of recipient options for invoices.  Invoices are issued and emailed while within the TravelHerd proposal or reservation to the  travel agent or direct consumer who made the reservation, to the reservation staff agent who created the reservation or to a third party’s email address.  The reservation staff agent may select any combination of these potential invoice recipients.

TravelHerd’s invoice module has been enhanced with an option to issue an email client calendar event when issuing an invoice. The calendar event with deposit due date or final payment due date can be issued along with an invoice to the client (travel agent or direct consumer), the reservation staff agent and/or a third party.

All about TravelHerd invoices

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TravelHerd has teamed up with for secure on-line credit card processing. All credit card data entry screens are securely hosted by for enhanced security and confidence.  An option to include a payment button for deposit or final payment, via secure credit card processing, in the TravelHerd invoice can be added by the reservation staff agent when the invoice is issued.   The invoice recipient selects the payment button to make a payment and enters the credit card information on the server via an overlay on TravelHerd scripts.

Finally, two last points all about TravelHerd invoices.  Reservation staff agents also have the option to add personal note to invoices issued by TravelHerd.  All invoices issued are stored in the subscribing company’s TravelHerd database and accessed via the proposal or reservation in TravelHerd.  Click here to schedule a TravelHerd demonstration for your company.

TravelHerd Online Knowledge Base

A powerful online tool to answer TravelHerd users’ questions while working within the application, the TravelHerd Online Knowledge Base, is a click away.

TravelHerd users have a powerful online tool to assist them with questions while using application, the TravelHerd Online Knowledge Base, which is powered by the WordPress for fast and easy searching. Users may access the TravelHerd Online Knowledge Base whilst working within the TravelHerd application, thus maintaining productivity and continuity.

TravelHerd Online Knowledge Base

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The TravelHerd Online Knowledge Base has searchable topics applicable to employees day-to-day use of the TravelHerd application.  The Online Knowledge Base covers many areas of responsibility including Reservations, Database, Sales and Marketing and Accounting, to name a few. Users have commented that they find the Knowledge Base particularly convenient as a “memory-refresher” assisting them while they perform TravelHerd functions outside of their day-to-day responsibilities.

Many clients find the TravelHerd Online Knowledge Base to be a helpful assistant when the training new employees and cross-training current employees on the TravelHerd application.  They find that the Online Knowledge Base’s ease of access  is a functional method to answer many common, and some not-too-common, questions which employees may have during their training. Using the Online Knowledge Base does not require the intervention of supervisory and training personnel; it is available to every TravelHerd user.

Multiple level inventory for scheduled tours

The TravelHerd tours module offers multiple level inventory for scheduled tours based on one of the following inventory types:

  1. Number of persons
  2. Number of rooms
  3. Number of Singles or Twin/Double

Additionally, a single tour can be provided with multiple pricing levels. The nomenclature for the pricing level is controlled by the client. Pricing levels and inventory type can be revised from season to season or ad hoc as required. The scheduled tour inventory set-up details the inventory usage for previously entered tours. In the event of occupancy based inventory, actual inventory is not required for every occupancy type. TravelHerd will confirm from scheduled tour inventory what is available, i.e. twin confirmed, single on request. Online sales of tours book from the same inventory and follow the same inventory rules; the online buyer of a scheduled tour is advised what can be confirmed at the time the buyer makes booking.

multiple level inventory for scheduled tours

With multiple level inventory for scheduled tours, tour inventory is set to zero as soon as the release date has been reached. The release date is set as a number of days  prior to the tour departure date. A more strict online cut-off number of days prior to departure can be set in the TravelHerd company settings. Availability is calculated by counting actual confirmed persons, rooms or occupancy types including temporarily-held persons, rooms or occupancy types booked or in-process bookings made by the internal sales consultants/reservation agents. This ensures that true availability is shown at all times. A TravelHerd report displays temporarily-held inventory booked or in-process bookings made by the internal sales consultants/reservation agents, confirmed inventory as well as tour inventory on request.

TravelHerd can also accommodate tours with shared inventory. These may be Land-only and Land and Air tours or Complete itinerary/Partial itinerary tours. In these situations, TravelHerd allows for shared inventory for the related tours.